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Shape I can't make
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Dec 11 11 - So... [!icons, !requests]
Hayley & Me: Screencap

as you can see, some time has passed since my last entry, that's why I wanna make this "X-mas present" for you. I'll be designing icons of whatever you want, just leave a comment here.
M&TD: Glasses
 I won in a lot of categories in hayley20in20 

Check it out all the banners and if you wanna see the icons click here.

Hayley: close crop
I participated in a 20in20 challenge of hayley, hayley20in20. 

And here are the icons, enjoy :D

20 | Paramore


I can't make my own decisionsCollapse )
M&TD: Glasses
02 | VersaEmerge
1680 x 1050

join if you like
comments are ♥
credit if you take
M&TD: Glasses
My first post, i hope you will like my work :D Please comment if you take / like.

02 | Amanda Seyfried
02 | Automatic Loveletter
01 | Demi Lovato
02 | Ellen Page
02 | Emma Stone
01 | Florence + the Machine
05 | Harry Potter & the Deatly Hallows
05 | Jensen Ackles
01 | Jérémy Kapone
05 | Kristen Bell
05 | Marina & the Diamonds
02 | Mary Elisabeth Winstead
15 | Paramore
04 | Porcelain & the Tramps
02 | Pretty Little Liars
15 | Skins
06 | Supernatural
10 | The Beatles
06 | The Pretty Reckless
09 | VersaEmerge
01 | Evanna Lynch
02 | Paramore
01 | The Veronicas
02 | Zooey Deschanel
01 | Ellen Page
01 | The Pretty Reckless
01 | VersaEmerge
01 | Demi lovato
01 | Evanna Lynch
01 | Paramore (Hayley Williams)
Sierra Kusterbeck glasses :D
 Welcome to my new graphics community, Shape I can't make, lyric of the song Stranger by VersaEmerge.

Here i'll post all my graphics, about everything i like. Since Paramore, VersaEmerge, The Pretty Reckless to Emma Stone, Ellen Page, Doctor Who, Buffy and all that stuff.
My old communities are lovesickicons (still open, but not updating there anymore) & well_im_not (only Paramore graphics)
I have some fansite, Paramore | VersaEmerge | The Pretty Reckless | Emma Stone per if you wanna visit it.
Also i have a web design website, Whisperer Designs.
I'm a Graphic Design student and Singer who lives in Barcelona, Spain. I'm 18 years old, and my favorite music is Paramore, VersaEmerge, The Pretty Reckless, Automatic Loveletter, Marina & the Diamonds, Florence & the Machine, The Rocket Summer and so much more. I watch a lot of tv shows as, Buffy, Hex, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Veronica Mars, Bones, Skins, How i met your mother...
My live is around Design, Music & Love.
If you wanna know me better visit my personal livejournal well_imnot 
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