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Shape I can't make
20 icons for hayley20in20 
Hayley: close crop
I participated in a 20in20 challenge of hayley, hayley20in20. 

And here are the icons, enjoy :D

20 | Paramore


Valentine2010Close CropBorderOne Color
Looking DownCollageFull BodyBandFaceless

Category- Same Music Video

Artist's Choice
Mar 23 11 (UTC)
Wow these are GORGEOUS. ♥♥
Mar 23 11 (UTC)
Thank you so much :D You can find more paramore icons @ my paramore graphics community http://community.livejournal.com/well_im_not ^_^
Mar 23 11 (UTC)
Wow thanks dearie! I thought I was watching that comm already, but I am now. :D
Mar 26 11 (UTC)
me encantan los de artist choice! especial mente el 5
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