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shapeicantmake's Journal

Shape I can't make
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that's me

{I always flip myself into a shape i can't make}

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drew tuá, Graphic Design studentand Singer who lives in Barcelona, Spain. I'm 18 years old.My life is:Paramore, VersaEmerge, Fansites, Graphic Design, Music, Movies, TV Shows, Concerts, Travel, Friendship & Love.

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Paramore, VersaEmerge, The Pretty Reckless, Automatic Loveletter, Marina & the Diamonds, Florence & the Machine, The Rocket Summer, Damone, Blondie, The Runaways, Joan Jett & the Black Hearts, Hearts Under Fire, Stay the Night, Katy Perry, A day to Remeber, Demi Lovato, Meg & Dia, Emily Osment, Tegan & Sara, We are the in crowd, Skye Sweetnam... Buffy, Hex, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Veronica Mars, True Blood, How i met your mother, Pretty Little Liars, Glee, Bones, Skins. Let the right one in, Requiem for a dream, Donnie Darko, Across the Universe, 500 days of summer, Zombieland, Ghost World, Juno, Nick & Norah, Death Proof, Whip It, Greta, Superbad, Easy A, The Lovely Bones, Kick Ass, Scott Pilgrim vs the world, Sleepy Hollow, Amelie, Virgin Suicides...